Today I am going to walk you through how to make these beautiful Lantern Tile Ornaments using your Cricut machine. These DIY Tile Ornaments are gorgeous and really inexpensive to make!

I’m so excited to share this project with you today! I’ve been seeing these lantern tile ornaments all over Pinterest and the Facebook craft groups I’m in and knew I wanted to make a set of my own.

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! They are so pretty and were pretty inexpensive to make which is always a bonus.

I have a list of all of the supplies you will need for this project plus a quick video showing you how I made them listed below.

Don’t forget to download these free designs by filling out the form at the bottom of the page so you can make a set of your own!


DIY Lantern Tile Ornaments




Step 1: Download the free designs and upload them to Cricut Design Space.  Check out my video here if you need help with this step.

  • Download my free tile ornament designs and backing template (located at the bottom of the post) and upload them into Cricut Design Space.  The designs are broken out into individual files so you can choose which files to upload if you don’t want to make them all.

Step 2: Cut the designs. 

  • There are two layers for the designs plus the backing template.  Turn off all layers except for the green leaves.  You will need to select all images and click attach before cutting so the design keeps it’s positioning when you are cutting it. Note: Before you attach the designs move them close together to avoid wasting vinyl.  Select the Make It button.

  • Place the green permanent vinyl onto your standard grip mat and use the brayer tool to make sure your vinyl is firmly stuck on the mat.  Select Vinyl as your material and cut.
  • Remove the vinyl from the mat and set it aside.  In Cricut Design Space, turn off the leaves layer and turn on the words and berries layer.  Notice that because we attached the designs, they are now all green. Be sure to use red permanent vinyl for this layer.  Select the designs and click Detach.  This will allow you to move all of the designs closer together so vinyl isn’t wasted.  Once the designs are in position, select them all again and click Attach.  Select the Make It button.

  • Place the red permanent vinyl onto your standard grip mat and use the brayer tool to make sure your vinyl is firmly stuck on the mat.  Select Vinyl as your material and cut.
  • Finally turn off all of the layers and turn on the backing template.  If you are making multiple designs, select the backing template and copy/paste the number of backing templates that you need.  Then select the Make It Button.

  • Place red or green adhesive felt fabric sheet onto your standard grip mat with the felt side up and use the brayer tool to make sure the felt is firmly stuck on the mat.  Switch out your blade for the deep point blade, make sure you set the blade in Cricut design space as well.
  • I cut this on my Cricut Explore one with the deep point blade and the material set to fabric and it worked great.  If you are using a different machine or a different type of felt other than the one linked above you may need to change your setting to match the material/machine you are using.  Once your mat is loaded and material is set, cut the design.
  • Note: keep track of which way is right side up after you cut these.  I noticed that the tiles are not perfectly symmetrical so the top of the tile is different from the bottom and your backing will need to line up the correct way. 

Step 3:  Remove excess vinyl/felt and weed designs.

  • Now that all of the designs are cut, you can peel off the excess vinyl/felt and weed the designs.  If you are making multiple designs, I recommended using scissors to cut the designs apart from one another so you are working with one design at a time.  

Step 4: Apply transfer tape to designs.

  • Apply transfer tape to the green leaves layer and use your scraper tool to make sure the design adheres to the transfer tape.  Peel the transfer tape making sure that your design is stuck to it as you pull it off.

  • Next, apply the transfer tape with the green leaves on it to the words and berries layer making sure the berries fit in between the green leaves.  Once it is lined up, use your scraping tool to make sure the words and berries layer adheres to the transfer tape.

Step 5: Prepare your tiles.

  • Wipe the tiles with alcohol and a lint free cloth.  It’s important that there is no dust or anything on the tiles when you apply the vinyl.

Step 6: Apply the design to the tile.

  • Peel the design away from the vinyl backing so the transfer tape is left with only the design on it.  Line up the design on the tile (there are helpful ridges on the tile that you lay the design right on) and press the design onto the tile.
  • Use the scraper tool on top of the transfer tape to make sure your design is strongly adhered to the tile.  

  • Peel back the transfer tape making sure that the design is stuck to the tile as you go.  If any pieces of vinyl lift up as you peel back the tape, just place the transfer tape back over the design and burnish the design more.

Step 7: Apply the adhesive felt backing.

  • Peel the adhesive felt backing off and apply it to the tile.  Press down firmly all over the adhesive felt to make sure it is strongly adhered.

Step 8: Apply the earring bail.

  • Use your hot glue gun to adhere an earring bail to the back of the ornament.  It will sit on top of the adhesive felt as shown below.

Step 9: Optionally, use hot glue to adhere a bow to the ornament.  I just used this simple method to create the bows.

Step 10: Use more ribbon or an ornament hanger to hang the tile on the tree.

Don’t forget to save this project on Pinterest!

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To download these SVG cut files, just fill out the form below and click “GET IT NOW!”



You can use these files on your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Cricut Joy, Silhouette Cameo, or other brands of electronic cutting machines that use these file types.

If you need help downloading the files and uploading them to Cricut Design Space, I have a quick tutorial on how to do that here: How to Download SVG Files and Upload them to Cricut Design Space

Please review the licensing information for these files by clicking the link below.

Crafting A Lovely Life SVG File License Information

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